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Registration Date: 2017-11-01
Expiration Date: 2018-11-01
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Company Information
 Sign Up Bonus 100kh/s
Faucet 400 – 500 sat for every 10 minutes
Weekly lottery of 0.01 BTC

More Detail

A faucet and a investment center for your Bitcoins, a complete but not a complicated website.

This is a simple website, you open an order, you send the money, you verify it, then your account will be automaticly credited.

More simple than that, you’re dead.

For example for 0.01 BTC deposited, you will get 4.22% a day, so 0.000422 BTC a day.
For example for 0.03 BTC deposited, you will get 5.35% a day, so 0.001605 BTC a day.
For example for 0.05 BTC deposited, you will get 5.97% a day, so 0.002985 BTC a day.
Maximum is 0.075 BTC, you will get 6.23% a day, so 0.004477 BTC a day.

Visit ⇒ Btchash xyz


If you invest more than 0.2 BTC, you will get a 50.000 Satoshi bonus ! + Free desired resonable amount of kh/s !

All payements are made in random moment in the day.

You can singup right now ! You will get a bonus of 100kh/s isn’t that awsome !?

Again more ! If you refer someone, you will get 1000 satoshi* ! + There is a faucet ! 400 satoshi every 10 min !
(1000 satoshi will be credited immediately, so nice !)

You can get a BONUS of 500 satoshi PER CLAIM EVERY 10 Min of you invest more that 0.012 BTC !

where does bitcoin are from ?

Bitcoin come from generated block every 10 min, and miners like you, can générate bitcoin from block.

With our plateform, you can invest in cloud mining, and all profit will come to you after some day. All our infrastructure power is here to mine bitcoin. Wich, with a computer is not possible today, because of the high difficulty block.

Shhh, we can’t tell you more, you have to try !

Visit ⇒ Btchash xyz



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